Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Flying Pony

Ding dang. We back from the minkey.

We ended up one night with Chris who makes the awesome comic Zebratron in his friend's amazing apartment full of musical instruments (he said "a lot of instruments" but i was not prepared for what awaited us) and ANYWAY POINT IS guy gave us this pony. We flew back home on it. Thanks guy!

We also got to hang out with the delicious Maria Sputnik (of Forty Four Presidents fame. Seriously. Buy this book, I ain't joking. ) and so many other really luscious book and object makers.... Thanks for making them objects.

I got sick immediately upon return pony landing so I don't think my brain works too good right now. Jay and I are making a APE comic for his kenyon blogue. Stay tuned! See you on the moon!