Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Inaugural Salon is Upon Us!

Hey Seismonauts! We're back and you know we missed us. Some of us took a little break to get married. But now for something completely different:

We are ever so proud to introduce, Princess Seismograph's Salon! (Click on that owl's face, go ahead.)

A new series of art/music happenings, readings, and shows - bringing together our favorite poets, cartoonists, bands, troubadours, video artists, and others from Seattle and everywhere else. We will be selecting three acts for each show - absolutely anything might happen.

This coming Friday is our very first Salon and it promises to be a fantastic time. Won't you join us?

(Addendum to the poster: due to sudden circumstances Jennifer Denrow will not be able to make it on Friday. We are working on lining up a new act to replace her and rest assured, there WILL be three performers and the new situation will be handpicked from the finest.)


  1. I can possibly make it! I'll keep you posted. This sounds great.

  2. WHAT that would be stone cold classic!